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Oh Wonder Ultralife Lyrics

Lyrics by Anthony West, Josephine Vander Gucht
Music by Oh Wonder
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Oh Wonder Ultralife Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Clip Release Apr 12, 2017
Duration 3:34
Views 980
Rating 4.67/5.0
Votes 3 Vote(s)
Lines 70
Words 384
Unq. Words 112
Chars 1663

Song Details

The duo "Oh Wonder" has published the video clip of their title song from their 2017 Album "Ultralife" on April 12th, 2017 on their Vevo channel. The clip received more than a hundred thousand views in just a day with less than 100 thumbs down and almost 1/10 viewers giving a thumb up for the song. This reaction promises a great success for the song "Ultralife". The songs audio clip was released a week before the video clip. Viewers commented about the greatness of the song and many pointed out that the clip had surprises.

The video clip start with Josephine and Anthony walking down a street when a paperboy is on delivery. The thrown newspaper land to a garden where the first participant of the video appears, a grey haired man who is getting ready for a morning workout. The man starts with jumping robes. Scenes changes at times to Josephine and Anthony than back to the man. Josephine starts to leave luminous footprints at around 0:50 of the clip. Then we visit a basketball court where a little girl plays basketball with teenage boys and actually beats the boys with ease. She commits a lot of traveling by the way. After that the clip moves to the lake side and displays to happy nuns walking aside the lake. Our duo is there too. Lastly the clip shows a beach and a man bit a big belly enjoying a sunbath. Te song ends with Anthony hugging Josephine.

The lyrics of "Ultralife" is quite long, longer than average for its genre. But this is affected by its long chorus that is repeated three times in the song. The song has three verses, first two of the verses are similar at length and the last one is longer than the others.