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Reactions Wrong Direction Lyrics

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Reactions Wrong Direction Song Info

Genre Metal
Language English
Release Jun 30, 2017
Duration 3:36
Label Resist
Views 718
Rating Not Rated
Lines 37
Words 166
Unq. Words 110
Chars 729

Song Details

Adelaide-based Australian rock band "Reactions" released their new song "Wrong Direction" from their brand new album "March of Dissolution" which put on music markets on June 30th, 2017. Even rock music is not that popular like it is on 90's and 2000's, some new generation rock bands try to keep this genre alive with their high quality sound and songs. "Wrong Direction" is a good example for this kind of bands which carries the flag in these years. Video clip of the song is directed by Kieran Ellis-Jones and it includes scenes from a live concert mostly. Vocal performance of the song is very satisfactory. We hear hardcore metal vocal in some parts which is very successful.