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R.I.O. Headlong Lyrics

Contributed by deez
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R.I.O. Headlong Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Views 2221
Rating 4.03/5.0
Votes 38 Vote(s)
Lines 27
Words 134
Unq. Words 70
Chars 491

Song Details

House music trio "R.I.O." came with a nice summer song "Headlong", and released a video clip in March 20th, 2017 on Kontor.TV YouTube channel. Song is published as a single, and it's also a part of "Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol. 74" album performed by various artists. Lyrics of Headlong can be defined as minimalistic as expected from a summer song. Most of the fans thought that the song is very similar to German DJ ATB's old hit 9 P.M. musically. Althought, it has some similarities with this song, it has its own taste and rhythm. Video of the song is also entertaining and relaxing as it's a love song. Model in the clip of Headlong is Kim Witkowski a.k.a. Kiem Bo.