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R I T U A L Real Feels Lyrics

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R I T U A L Real Feels Song Info

Genre R&B
Language English
Release Apr 07, 2017
Clip Release Apr 07, 2017
Duration 3:38
Views 1930
Rating 3.00/5.0
Votes 4 Vote(s)
Lines 74
Words 405
Unq. Words 141
Chars 1486

Song Details

R I T U A L feat Denzel Curry for the new song "Real Feels", out April 7th 2017. The song is available on iTunes.

The clip for the song was released on YouTube on RitualMusicVevo the same day. The clip is actually just an image displayed with lighting transitioning from one angle to another, sometimes brighter sometimes fading.

R I TU A L has been continuously delivering new songs lately and this song will extend the streak. The clip reached a 9/1 approve/disapprove ration after it's release signaling the coming success of the song.

The song uses the concept of falling for someone, that using it literally as falling to the floor and makes it sound like falling down because of love. A nice word play by the songs lyricist. Fee for the hurt of the backbone is a very catchy punchline from the song.

Ritual Real Feels lyrics are quite long especially Denzel Curry's fast singing makes the song even longer. The song starts with a slow tempo but at the end of the first verse the music gets louder and faster.