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Rivero Heaven Lyrics

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Rivero Heaven Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:10
Views 1409
Rating 4.00/5.0
Votes 2 Vote(s)
Lines 40
Words 136
Unq. Words 52
Chars 579

Song Details

Rivero teamed up with Anna Yvette for the song "Heaven". The great tune by Rivero, met it's match in the vocals by Anna Yvette, the song has become an instant hit on YouTube with around 30 thousand hits in just mere 5 minutes on NoCopyrightSounds. The audio clip of the song was uploaded to YouTube on April 13th, 2017. The approval rate by thumbs ups and downs were extremely high as the song got only a few thumb downs.

The lyrics of "Heaven" seems to be in the medium length for the genre but it actually consist of a single verse repeated twice.