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Ruth B. If this is Love Lyrics

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Ruth B. If this is Love Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Apr 06, 2017
Clip Release Apr 06, 2017
Duration 3:51
Views 1819
Rating 3.57/5.0
Votes 7 Vote(s)
Lines 42
Words 236
Unq. Words 79
Chars 829

Song Details

Ruth B. presents us her song "If this is Love" with her lovely voice and piano. She released the audio clip for the ong on her Vevo on April 6th, 2017.

As expected the song is vocals and piano heavy but has great background as well. The song starts with piano and vocals first and the rest of the instruments join a while later.

The lyrics are fairly long consisting of more than one thousand charaters. The song has three verses and a chorus. Verses start with a long sentence followed by shorter lines. The song is about getting hurt from a relation and questioning the feelings being experienced.

Ruth B. used her picture sitting next to her piano. She chose a a white and clean backgrond, getting the focus on the keys of the piano and certainly on herself.

The clip took immediate attention from Ruth B.'s fans. Even though she released the song at night, thousands have immediatly watched her song.

The song is released by Columba Records.