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Ryos Discover Love Lyrics

Ryos Discover Love Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:46
Views 615
Rating Not Rated
Lines 43
Words 202
Unq. Words 67
Chars 764

Song Details

AirwaveMusicTV uploaded the 2017 song from Ryos of Long Island "Discover Love" on their YouTube channel on April 14th, 2017. Envy Monroe is the vocalist of the song. You may remember the emerging songstress Envy Monroe with her Adele cover in 2016. The audio clip of the song was released a little later than the real release date of the song and the views for the audio clip turned out to be less than expected at the beginning. Still the approval rate on YouTube was quite high 12 hours after the release.

The lyrics of the song has two verses, a long prebreak and a short break. The breaks are repeated twice during the song. This is a quite classical style for songs of this genre.