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Sarah Close Caught Up Lyrics

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Sarah Close Caught Up Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Apr 14, 2017
Duration 2:55
Views 748
Rating Not Rated
Lines 65
Words 383
Unq. Words 148
Chars 1559

Song Details

After working very hard on YouTube and performing amateur songs for a long time, Sarah Close got return of her hard work and released his first EP called "Caught Up" in 2017. She made his debut with the song "Call Me Out" and shot a video clip for this song. It attracted attention of music lovers and they simple love the song. Soon afterwards, she released the song "Call Me Out" which gives its name to her extended play. It is an extraordinary song with all its characteristics; with its music, lyrics and tempo. Even it is not a usual one, you like the song in your first listening. An audio and lyrics video was released in April 14th, 2017 but we can easily say that a video clip may be come in near future as it is a catchy song. Most of the fans thought that Sarah Close is just like woman version of Ed Sheeran. They also said her musical style is very similar to Lily Allen. They are definetly right and she seems to be in better points in her carrer by climbing the steps one by one with such beautiful songs. It is not easy to make predictions for future, but some people make it easies just like Sarah Close. We are witnessing born of a future star. We will said that "I listen her songs before she became a star".

As a note for statistics lover, there are 47 lines and 10 part in the song including all verses and chorus.