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Seven Lions Freesol Lyrics

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Seven Lions Freesol Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Views 2207
Rating 4.14/5.0
Votes 22 Vote(s)
Lines 21
Words 78
Unq. Words 37
Chars 281

Song Details

Seattle based DJ "Seven Lions" cooperate with "Skyler Stonestreet" for their new single "Freesol". Lyrics of the song is minimalistic as we are used to in electronic music genre. Nevertheless, meaning and deepness of the song is more than it is seen. The song was released in April 10th, 2017 on popular electronic music channel "MrSuicideSheep" on Youtube and got many positive review and likes from fans. Cover art of the single is also full of art and take attention of many viewers. It's a futuristic design including nature and offers a hybrid background.