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Shallou Begin Lyrics

Shallou Begin Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Views 799
Rating 3.50/5.0
Votes 6 Vote(s)
Lines 13
Words 44
Unq. Words 30
Chars 169

Song Details

Shallou and Wales came together for their new track and produced a great song together called "Begin". If you have to describe this song with one word, it would definitely be "relaxing". When you listen the song and close your eyes, you feel like you are above clouds. Beat of the song is a masterpiece and Wales completes it with his magical voice. The song was first released at Shallou's YouTube channel in March 31th, 2017 and it was also released at MrSuicideSheep 4 days after. Since it's a crowded channel, it draws attention of a huge audiance and gets lots of positive feedback.