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Showtek On Our Own Lyrics

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Showtek On Our Own Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Views 1126
Rating 4.50/5.0
Votes 6 Vote(s)
Lines 41
Words 228
Unq. Words 63
Chars 891

Song Details

After taking attention of music world with their hit "Believer", Dutch DJ duo "Showtek" teams up with dance producer "Brooks" and created their new hit "On Our Own". Vocals of the song is performed by "Natalie Major". She shows all her talent in this song and put it in another level with her beautiful voice. Althought some fans think that Showtek change their musical line with their latest songs, most of them love this track especially the drop of it. We can clearly say that collaboration between Showtek and Brooks contribute to each other so much that we can feel it while listening the track. Duration of the song may be a little long for some listeners but it will be a 3 minutes 44 seconds travel for you that make you dance on your own as it is said in lyrics of "On Your Own".