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Snavs Dreams Lyrics

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Snavs Dreams Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:34
Views 1006
Rating Not Rated
Lines 49
Words 237
Unq. Words 57
Chars 949

Song Details

Danish DJ "Snavs" and  ReauBeau came together to create their single "Dreams" recorded by "Spinning Records". Main theme of the song is dreams as its name and it describe dreams as an illusive thing which gives you complex feelings. In this manner, you need a deep understanding to internalize lyrics of the "Dreams". The drop and bass of the song which is mixed with the chorus will increase your heart beat and it will change your mood such that you feel like you fill with energy. If you spend 3 minutes 34 seconds from your life for this track, it will not be a waste for sure especially if you are addicted to electronic music.