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Snavs End With You Lyrics

Snavs End With You Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Clip Release Jun 02, 2017
Duration 3:25
Label Spinning Records
Views 1371
Rating 4.25/5.0
Votes 4 Vote(s)
Lines 31
Words 196
Unq. Words 70
Chars 762

Song Details

Danish DJ and Producer Snavs teams up with KING for their new project "End With You". It offers spectecular music to listeners, but it is not the only thing it gives. You will rise your mood with KING's beatiful vocal and dances in the video clip. The clip is shot in a desert where KING wear mirror like clothes that reflects the light. In the first part of the video, the scene is black & white while second part is in color. It gives clues about the progress of the song.

We have a tip about the song for electronic music lovers. There are two beat drops within the song which are located in 1:06 and 2:26.