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Tessa Brooks Powerful Emotions Lyrics

Lyrics by Erika Costell, Tessa Brooks
Contributed by Chlaryssa Pierre-Charles, Jordan, mallory, Mady, Brenda

Tessa Brooks Powerful Emotions Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Aug 07, 2017
Views 12945
Rating 4.28/5.0
Votes 138 Vote(s)
Lines 90
Words 375
Unq. Words 182
Chars 1441

Song Details

Two YouTube star, Tessa Brooks and Erika Costell bring their energy together for a trendy song and wrote "Powerful Emotions" together. Besides their performance on this song, they divide YouTube community in two parts after this song: lover & haters. Around 2/3 of the people thumbs up for this song while 1/3 are down. There may be many reasons for this huge number for dislikes, some may be jelaous, some don't love her as a Youtuber or maybe some of them really don't like the track at all. Independent from the reason why, it is obvious that the song make a great impact on community and it reaches over 5 million views in one week.

Since they are not actually singers, expectations are not that much for such a song, but video clip of Powerful Emotions is worth to talk about. It was shot in a simple and minimalistic studio and there aren't any extra things other than Tessa Brooks and Erika Castell. Some may critisize their clothes for some reason, but it is not a big problem for most of us at all since YouTube offers such content in many channels.

In terms of lyrics, Powerful Emotions includes short lines and the main concept of these sentences are about their story and their participation in Team 10.  As all we know, Team 10 is a group of social media celebs heading by Jake Paul and Tessa is an important puzzle piece in this picture. Therefore, she went up with this "song" trend initiated with others on this team. The time spend to produce this project may be not that long, but product is really in high quality if you consider total number of views. When we thought that she was just 18 y.o. when she released this song, it is way better than expected for such a young girl.