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The Lacs Drink as a Team Lyrics

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The Lacs Drink as a Team Song Info

Genre Rap
Language English
Views 809
Rating Not Rated
Lines 58
Words 461
Unq. Words 176
Chars 1859

Song Details

The 15 year old country rap band The Lacs release their 10th album "American Rebelution" in April 2017. "Drink as a Team" is the second song in the album and one of the songs to be released for preview. The song was streamed on YouTube in late February 2017 and got tens of thousands of views in a couple of weeks. Combining country, southern rock and rap the song is quite relaxed and joyful. The theme of the song is about having fun with friends while drinking beer.
The lyrics are medium length as expected. The flow is quite subtle and without pause for most parts. The Emphasis is on drinking as a team.
The clip depicts The Lacs drinking in a house party and getting thrashed out later.