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The Lodge It's My Time Lyrics

Contributed by Gladys Lau
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The Lodge It's My Time Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Apr 20, 2017
Clip Release Apr 20, 2017
Duration 2:54
Label Walt Disney Records
Views 3734
Rating 4.33/5.0
Votes 12 Vote(s)
Lines 66
Words 299
Unq. Words 98
Chars 1118

Song Details

Disney produced a new music video clip as an epilogue to their beloved TV series "The Lodge" on April 20th, 2017 on their Vevo channel. The cast has previously sang "Believe That" and it got really popular.

At the beginning of the clip Danielle, Josh and Noah are readying decorations for the party while Skye, Sean, Ben and Kaylee are getting ready and on their way to the party. The rest of the clip displays the full cast dancing and singing at the party.

The clip give many of the fans some insight about what happens after the story actually presented in the series but apparently it did not answer the questions of the viewers. Rumors say that the series is making a come back around June 2017, but there are no official dates released as of the release date of the video clip. The fans of the series showed great interest in the comments of the clip, stating they missed the show a lot.