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Timebelle Apollo Lyrics

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Timebelle Apollo Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Views 1151
Rating 5.00/5.0
Votes 2 Vote(s)
Lines 60
Words 265
Unq. Words 95
Chars 1007

Song Details

The Band "Timebelle", with its current members "Miruna Mănescu", "Samuel Forster" and Emanuel Daniel Andriescu will represent Switzerland in Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The band had previously attempted to participate in Eurovision 2015, but did not succeed. The band worked hard to be successful this time and their hard work paid off. They released the official clip for "Apollo" on March 12th, 2017 on YouTube. "Rade Mijatović", "Christoph Siegrist" and "Sándor Török" have left the band since 2015. The young band is very promising and has high expectations from Eurovision.
Timebelle Apollo lyrics are fairly long but consists of short to medium length sentences. Switzerland Eurovision song lyrics is in English as expected. It will increase the number of viewers who will understand the lyrics.
The song is a declaration of love and respect to a strong man. Apollo from the Greek Mythology was used as a symbol of strength.
Eurovision has released the official clip for the song on March 12th, 2017. The song recieved a greate positive to negative vote ratio, but there have been clips that got more views.
The clip takes place on a singing stage and in an old house where elderly people live. Elderly people emphasize the chorus "I'll follow you, Apollo" and the catch phrase "Now I'll never let you go". Rade Mijatović preferred a black dress for the singing stage and a beige one for the scenes in the house.