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Tokio Hotel As Young As We Are Lyrics

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Tokio Hotel As Young As We Are Song Info

Genre Pop Rock
Language English
Views 787
Rating Not Rated
Lines 75
Words 311
Unq. Words 82
Chars 972

Song Details

"As Young As We Are" is 9th song of Tokio Hotel's Dream Machine album. In general, last songs of music albums are underdogs and expectations are relatively low for these songs. However, "As Young As We Are" is above expectations in terms of quality. Its musical structure, electronic setup, vocals and lyrics make the song better even if it's the song next to the last in the album. Lyrics are so meaningful and loveful although it's so simple. It's hard to tell your thoughts with simple words but this song is a good example for this. Video of the song was released on YouTube in March 11th, 2017 just 1 week after album release date.