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Tokio Hotel Dream Machine Lyrics

Tokio Hotel Dream Machine Song Info

Genre Pop Rock
Language English
Views 759
Rating Not Rated
Lines 45
Words 187
Unq. Words 89
Chars 731

Song Details

The namegiver of Tokio Hotel's 2017 Album deserves it's role. Bill Kaulitz's tone makes marvels again in "Dream Machine". Fans would have expected a clip on YouTube at the release date though. Tokio Hotel preferred to stream the song with the generic Album theme and sound oriented on YouTube. Tokio Hotel remained true to their colors. Just hearing the start of the song, one can tell that it's of Tokio Hotel. This is one quality that makes great bands. The song's lyrics are not repetitive and follows a conversation.
The song is about the end of a rather easy relationship. Two young lovers breaking up, with a little sadness, but not with devastation. They had fun for a time during the summer, but one of them found someone else.