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Tokio Hotel Easy Lyrics

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Tokio Hotel Easy Song Info

Genre Pop Rock
Language English
Views 839
Rating Not Rated
Lines 86
Words 302
Unq. Words 97
Chars 1117

Song Details

The third song of the Album "Dream Machine" Tokio Hotel released in March 2017, "Easy" is one of the 8 songs that were released at the same time with the Album. By coincidence, according to viewcounts, "Easy" is also the 3. most popular among the 8 songs, confirming it's order in the Album. "Easy" was streamed on YouTube on March, 13th 2017.
The song is about old best friends, who had lots of fun together when they were young. They were like brothers and friends. The lyrics are not clear whether circumstances made them go their separate ways, or they had a debate. One thing is for sure they could not keep their easy lifestyles as they got older.
The lyrics consist of shorter lines, linking to each other. In few cases the lines form long sentences.