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Tokio Hotel Elysa Lyrics

Tokio Hotel Elysa Song Info

Genre Pop Rock
Language English
Views 830
Rating Not Rated
Lines 61
Words 274
Unq. Words 99
Chars 1116

Song Details

"Elysa" is another song about longing, sadness and regrets from Tokio Hotel's Album "Dream Machine". The song will probably leave Tokio Hotel fans about the existence of a girl named "Elysa" for a long time, maybe forever. The song is more gloomy compared to the other songs in the Album. Piano takes a great lead at the beginning, then gives way to the quadro's instruments and voice.
The song is a confession and question to Elysa. Bill Kaulitz once again makes wonders when relating his regret over their break up. Then he  asks about her feelings in the spur of the moment. A question he didn't want to be answered and answered at the same time. The lyrics follow up nicely about the indecision.
The lyrics consist of short meaningful lines, making the song easy to understand. Some echo is used to emphasize the feelings conveyed in he song.