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Tokio Hotel Something New Lyrics

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Tokio Hotel Something New Song Info

Genre Pop Rock
Language English
Views 831
Rating Not Rated
Lines 47
Words 186
Unq. Words 61
Chars 752

Song Details

The opening song of the Album "Dream Machine" by Tokio Hotel, released in March 2017, was on of the first two songs to get a clip of it's own. The clip takes place in a dessert, with a futuristic, apocalyptic setting. The hints of an apocalypse can be derived from the harsh sounds ending with a constant beep at the beginning of the clip. Later in the clip Bill Kaulitz is searching the desert for something. The clip reached hundreds of thousands views in a couple of months and secured millions of views during its shelf life.
The song's lyrics are simpler than most other songs in the album word-wise, but the secrecy of the lyrics make them attractive. Repetition of the search gives the listener the idea of being completely lost, and acting subconciously. The clip also reflects the situation perfectly.