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Tokio Hotel Stop, Babe Lyrics

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Tokio Hotel Stop, Babe Song Info

Genre Pop Rock
Language English
Views 1043
Rating 5.00/5.0
Votes 1 Vote(s)
Lines 62
Words 240
Unq. Words 63
Chars 864

Song Details

Having had less reception than the other songs in the Album "Dream Machine", "Stop, Babe" is yet another successful song from Tokio Hotel. When we are talking about really successful groups, even less reception is considered a great success and a degree of quality.
The song is about not being ready for a new relationship even though there is a request for it. The message is conveyed real well in the lyrics and the song states that rushing things may turn bad.
The song was released without a clip at the same day with the Album on March 12th. 2017. The song is also the last song of the Album. The slow and smooth tone fits perfectly well for the outrro of an Album of this caliber.