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Two Friends Emily Lyrics

Two Friends Emily Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:58
Label Armada Music
Views 1606
Rating 4.17/5.0
Votes 12 Vote(s)
Lines 58
Words 362
Unq. Words 106
Chars 1506

Song Details

Matt Halper and Eli Sones, "Two Friends" are on a nation wide tour "Out of Love" performing their great songs for their fans. At the end of the second month of the tour "Armada Music" released the lyric video of the song "Emily" on YouTube. The video is very colorful, using bright toned, multi colored backgrounds for the lyrics. The backgrounds in the video clip give the impression as if flashy colored was paint carelessly splashed over relatively darker contrasting colored surfaces.

"Emily" is one of the top songs the duo produced lately. The first drop kicks in 1:12 for those who are wondering how much to wait till the drop. The song has a high tempo and sends great vibes to the listeners.

The vocals of the song is performed by James Delaney of Los Angeles who is known for his versatility in the roles he plays in music world as a producer, singer, songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.

The lyrics of the song seems long at the first glance, but over 70% of the lyrics is repeated twice, leaving two 4 line verses as unique parts. The pre-chorus and the chorus is long. The chorus has 4 unique sentences. Overall the lyrics consist of relatively longer phrases.

The song suggests the incapability of giving up on a girl named Emily. The conflicting feelings of not enjoying the relation any more but being attached to the point of addiction are the main concept of the song.