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Young Dolph 100 Shots Lyrics

Lyrics by Young Dolph
Music by DJ Squeeky
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Young Dolph 100 Shots Song Info

Genre Hip hop
Language English
Clip Release Apr 19, 2017
Duration 4:32
Views 1807
Rating 5.00/5.0
Votes 2 Vote(s)
Lines 79
Words 668
Unq. Words 339
Chars 2858

Song Details

Young Dolph dedicates his new album to a very grave event in his life the shooting of his car and his miraculous survival. Looking at the pictures from the scene he really must be bulletproof. In the song "100 shots" he is actually insulting the shooter for not being able to hit after shooting so many bullets on him.

He released the official video clip of the song on April 19th, 2017 through Worldstarhiphop's YouTube channel. The clip's captivating elements include a Rolls Royce Wraith and a Ferrari 488GTB. As side notes for automobile enthusiasts:

Rolls Royce is using the brand name "Wraith" for the first time since 1938. The powerhouse Wraith, weighing at over 2 metric tonnes (5000 pounds) can reach 60 a speed of miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. The muscle car has a V12 engine capable of producing 624-hp. Wraith's come in many colors, but mostly black. Young Dolph picked a light color one for the clip.

Ferrari 488GTB is one of the latest models of Italian Ferrari. It has a V8 engine capable of generating 661-hp and reaching 60 miles per hour in mere 3 seconds. Again Dolph's choice of color is different than usual Ferrari colors. An orange 488 is displayed in the clip and it has a black stripe in the middle.

The clip starts with familiar signs from Elvis Boulevard. The clip also has scenes from a polygon, showing bullets referring to the shooting event.

Young Dolph chose to wear a black t-shirt with red stripes and jeans for the clip. His glasses and accessories are also taking attention. Many of Young Dolph's friends are with him in the clip. Lincoln takes quite a lot of scene time.

The clip got hundreds of thousands of views in a single day, and most of the viewers liked the song. One main criticism was about the drop being too late, somewhere around 2:30 where the song itself is 4 minutes. The approval rate of the song was around 30 to 1 after a day.

The lyrics of "100 shots" can be considered quite long. The song has 3 long verses and a short chorus. The chorus is the punchline stating missing the target in all one hundred shots.