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Zayn Still Got Time Lyrics

Lyrics by ZAYN, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Shane Lee Lindstrom, Frank Dukes
Music by Blender, Frank Dukes, Murda
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Zayn Still Got Time Song Info

Genre R&B
Language English
Views 1014
Rating Not Rated
Lines 92
Words 537
Unq. Words 119
Chars 2099

Song Details

Zayn and PARTYNEXTDOOR collaborated for Zayn's 2017 single "Still Got Time" and released the song on YouTube at March 23th, 2017. It's a classical R&B song which has lyrics about love. Most of Zayn fans like the song and think that it's Drake version of Zayn in terms of vocals. It reached millions of views within a short time period and got many likes.